by Landon McGee

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This album, maybe more aptly called an EP, is my first real attempt at creating a cohesive group of songs. The song titles all refer to birds, though there is often a double-meaning involved. I remember writing "bird as metaphor" down in my notebook several years ago. I think birds are a good metaphor for human life, and particularly the life of the soul. While it's true that much of our time is spent eating and sleeping and trudging, I think that our deepest life, the life of the soul, happens in narrative arcs that are not unlike the flight patterns of birds. We continually flap our wings, rise, and inevitably fall back down. When I began writing this music, I was recovering from a wound, but as I continued to write, the music became much more than a simple solace: it became music for music's sake. I would like to suggest to you that it took flight.

This album is something I created mostly in the confines of a dorm room and a little addition to my parents' house that I called "The Hobbit Hole." It took shape mostly in quiet hours spent alone, but it has drawn breath for the first time as I have shared it with my friends and family. I hope that it can share at least a tiny bit of me with you, and I hope you'll be better for having heard it.


released March 6, 2015

All tracks written, performed, recorded, and mixed by Landon McGee

Special musical appearances by:
Matt Kornegay (drums) on tracks 4 & 7
Jon Kornegay (bass) on track 4

Recorded at The Hobbit Hole and The Osborn House

Mastered by Luke Wooten

Cover design by Madeleine Sullivan
Cover design features a picture of Rod Griffis, aka Grampa Rod

Special thanks to:
Brett Beavers
The Kornegay Family
The McGee Family
Tamie Erratt
JD McGraw
Chandler Dunn
Houston Kirk
Mathieu Myrick
Colton O'Connor
Robert Tyler Kubichek
Madeleine Sullivan
Rod Griffis



all rights reserved


Landon McGee Waco, Texas

Landon McGee is a singer-songwriter who hails from Central Texas.

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Track Name: Albatross
April is waning,
and my love's too tired to fight,
But I still can't keep you
From haunting my dreams tonight.

Can't understand,
Clap your hand and disappear.
Can we move on, when our love's gone,
But we're both still here?

And would I try,
If I got the chance again?

My love is changing,
But I won't forget this was real,
Save me the pain of
Denying what I used to feel.

Yet I know that I will live,
If we never meet again.
Track Name: Kite
Held onto the bottle,
With those voices in my head...
Damn near fifteen years now,
Haunted by those things she said.
Now you come from nowhere,
and I don't know what to do...

But I can't get enough of you.

Hung up like a curtain,
I was draping on the floor.
Hung up like a kite now,
On a breeze I can't ignore.
I may hit the ground, oh,
But I trust you'll see me through...

And I can't get enough of you.
No I can't get enough of you.

Hung up like a kite on a breeze,
And you sing to me.
Hung up like a kite on a breeze,
And you're just what I needed.
Track Name: Buzzard
I'll make my way
Down to the borderline,
I'm gonna drive to Mexico.
My '69 Camaro,
The highway like an arrow,
Just thought I'd tell you 'fore I go.

And there ain't nothing you can do to stop me now,
Just thought I'd tell you 'fore I go,
No there ain't nothing you can do about it now,
I'm up and drove to Mexico.

Old regularity
Don't sit too well with me;
It's like I'm stifling my soul.
I hear the river's cadence,
the Siren's song it's making,
And there is music in the road

And there ain't nothing you can do to stop me now,
Just thought I'd tell you 'fore I go,
No there ain't nothing you can do about it now,
I'm up and drove to Mexico.

And if I die,
Before I'm old,
Just lay my body in the road,
And let the buzzards take me,
And in their bellies paint me,
A brushstroke down in Mexico.

And there ain't nothing I can do about it then,
I won't get to say just when I go,
No there ain't nothing I can do about it now,
I'm up and drove to Mexico.
Track Name: Hobby
You look at me softly
You lean in my chest,
Something that you told me
Put my heart at rest.

Oh you told me,
You think that I am good.

You cling to my hand,
I feel your love in your touch.
Something I can't understand:
How could I earn your love,

'Cause you know me,
And you know my darkest side,
You just hold me,
And you tell me not to hide.

And I don't think I'll ever get back,
You are changing me so much,
You're bringing out the truth in my step,
Because I'm trusting in your touch

Don't ever leave me,
'Cause I don't think I would be okay

Now I sit and wonder why
I thought she would stay,
I trusted the ones who said,
"Give your heart away"

'Cause you loved me,
But that never was enough...
You still left me,
When push had come to shove.
Track Name: Nene
Knees tucked into your chest
On the way home...
Sprinkle into the sea,
The moment's a heavy stone.
You can have my best guess,
Where does life go,
She's right here in my head,
Carry her home.

Sing nene, nene, nene
We have no more to say,
Nene, nene, nene
No more to say.

She was more than a bride,
She was a whole.
Mist to cover my lights,
Grey-bright in a pulsing dome.
Lay the bird down to rest,
Deep in the road,
Carry it under my shirt,
And then let it go.

Sing nene, nene, nene
And now a newer day,
Nene, nene,
No more to say.

[I see her in you now,
I see her in you.
I see her in you now,
She's better in you]
Track Name: A Breeze
Chart a course across the breeze,
Come along alone with me,
Isn't it life's greatest mystery:
An ouzelum bird flying to its death upon the breeze.

Never shall I say a word,
Act as though I never heard,
Ain't it funny that I live
Alone to take, alone to give?

Track Name: Topaz
Last spring I died,
This spring I'm alive,
Broke down and cried
When this spring arrived.

When the apples start falling,
We'll go to the church, pick them up with our hands,
Her voice is so young,
And it hurts me to know that she can't understand.

Curled up my pen on the line,
And took back my name;
Curled up in bed, just for a while,
Now I'm not the same...

And still I remember your voice just about every day,
I guess that the pain of love ain't likely to soon go away.
And still, I wouldn't go back and chase the vacant years,
It won't do to lie in the tracks when I'm the engineer...

Where you are
When you're trapped inside a dream,
Reach through the glass,
But you can't feel anything,
Waking up to find it's gone.

Go for a walk to clear out my head,
She finds me here when I'm not in bed,
A fiery topaz hovers, bearing the signs of her youth,
She hears the weight in my voice, but I can't bear to tell her the truth...

Here I am,
And I'm trapped inside a dream,
Reach out my hand,
But I can't touch anything,
Oh, I don't wanna hear it now.

Last spring I died,
This spring I'm alive,
Press down the road,
I'm making good time.